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CSSD Department






CSSD Department




Defination:- The central sterile services Dept. also called sterile processing department (SPD)

or central Sterilization & supply department.

It is an integrated place in hospitals and other health care facilities that performs

Sterilization and other actions on medical equipment’s and consumables for subsequent Use

by health workers in the OTs and also for the aseptic Procedures e.g. catheterization, Suturing, surgical dressings etc.

Shri. V.N.G.M.C & H Yavatmal CSSD was established  in the year 2014-2015 with

Aid received from the district planning committee with the aim to control the hospital

Acquired infections which tend to spread through medical equipment’sand consumables

Used in the hospitals.

CSSD is devided into following areas

  1. Collection area
  2. Cleaning and disinfection area
  3. Preparation and packing area
  4. Sterile store area
  5. Distribution Area

1)Collection area:- All surgical and medical equipment’sfrom OTs, OPDs & various

Wards such as linen, dressing pads,gause pieces, OT Instruments etc. are collected

In this area in closed containers like S.S. Drums or loading Trolleys. The containers

received are counted and noted.

2)Cleaning and disinfection area :-In this area the materials are segregated  like

instruments, rubberware, glassware,fabrics. Instruments and equipment’sare washed in

automatic washer with Liquid disinfectant. This cycle takes around 60 min for washing

and drying. Microinstruments are disinfected in ultrasonic cleaner with liquid disinfectant

then the Instruments and equipment’sare forwarded to preparation and packing area



3)Preparation & Packing Area :In this area the disinfected instruments &equipment’sare kept in therecotainers with indicator strip in place, and are kept in autoclave machine at theTemperature 134 degree celcius for around 1 hour cycle. The linen materials And consumables are packed in the special packing roll with indicator strip the Fabric cycles takes around 33 minutes at 134 degree celciusfor sterilization.

4)Sterile Store Area :After successful cycle of autoclaving sterile equipment’sand consumable are stored in air cooled room under aseptic conditions.

5)Distribution Area : From this area sterile equipment’s&consumbles are transported to concernOTs & Wards in closed S.S. Trolleys or in S.S.Cotainers and concern recivers signature are taken.


Machineries Availables in CSSD:-

  1. R O Plant – 1
  2. Instruments Washer - 2
  3. Ultrasonic Cleaner – 1
  4. Endoscope Washer – 1
  5. Electric Dryer – 1
  6. Low Tempreture Plasma Gas Sterilizer – 1
  7. Autoclave Machine – 2